Master of Arts Social Work

  • enrolment each summer semester, application between December 1st and 15th February


The consecutive Master’s program at the Department of Social Work at the EAH Jena qualifies social workers with a diploma or Bachelor’s degree and professionally experienced applicants with subject-related degrees for advanced specialist and management functions in all fields of Social Work.

This means that, in addition to a qualified in-depth training in social work theory, you will in particular be enabled to implement acquired knowledge reflexively in the sense of Social Work professional competence, based on lifeworld (Lebensweltorientierung) and systemic analysis, Social Work diagnosis and negotiation with the addressees, to grasp complex contexts and to be able to react adequately to them.

Planning, reflecting, designing, coordinating, organising, evaluating and monitoring are essential related skills. They concern both structural organisational development and competences in dealing with employees.

This Master’s program focuses on the relevant areas of research, development and evaluation, as well as Law and Management, which are indispensable for advanced professional and managerial functions in social institutions.

With the Master of Arts degree awarded in this consecutive and application-oriented program, students acquire a further professional qualification.

Course Catalogue example

  • 202 Research Methods / Research and Development project
  • 203 International Affairs, Politics
  • 205 Leadership: Personnel and Organisational Development
    • Social Science Perspectives on Leadership
  • 206 Law
    • Employment Law / Labour Law
    • Law and Conflict Management
  • 207 Compulsory Elective Module

Studienverlaufsplan Master Soziale Arbeit Semesterlage Module 1. Sem. 2. Sem. 3. Sem. Social Work 6 cp / 6 SWS 2.201 Research Methods / Research and Developement Project 15 cp / 6 SWS Leadership: Personell and Organisational Developement / Internship (6 Wochen) 3 cp / 2 SWS Management 6 cp / 4 SWS 2.204 Law 3 cp / 2 SWS 6 cp / 2 SWS 2.202 International Affairs / Politics 3 cp / 2 SWS 15 cp / 2 SWS 2.205 Compulsory Elective Module 3 cp / 2 SWS 2.207 6 cp / 4 SWS 2.206 3 cp / 2 SWS 2.203 Master Thesis 21 cp 2.208
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