Prof. Dr. phil. Nicole Harth


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Wissenschaftliche Publikationen, Peer Review (IF = Impact Factor)

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  • Kessler, T., Harth, N.S., & Naegler, L. (2014). Prejudice and extremism: Explanations based on ingroup projection, perspective divergence, and minimal standards. Zeitschrift für Internationale Strafrechtsdogmatik, 9, 427-434.
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  • Böhm, R., Funke, F., & Harth, N.S. (2010). Same-Race and Same-Gender Voting Preferences and the Role of Perceived Threat in the Democratic Primaries and Caucuses 2008. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 10, 248-261. [IF 1.08]
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Buchbeiträge (Peer Review)

  • Kessler, T. & Harth, N.S. (2009). Change in intergroup relations: Psychological processes accompanying, determining, and determined by social change. In S. Otten, T. Kessler, & K. Sassenberg (eds., pp. 243-262), Intergroup relations: The role of motivation and emotion. New York: Psychology Press.
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