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English Abstract:

The interaction between individuals and digital technology, as well as the consequences of digitalisation, will pose an increasingly substantial challenge to scientific sociology in the coming years. For the complex interactions between technology and the individual, sociology already offers explanatory approaches such as the socio-technical system. However, these approaches often fall short of comprehensively grasping the impact of digitalisation or describing its effect on the institutions of society. Thus, there is a clear research gap for the sociological consideration of digitalisation. This gap is to be addressed by a strongly empirically oriented dissertation. The project will be implemented in cooperation with the "Multi-Generation Smart Community" project (mGeSCo) carried out by the Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena. This project uses a living lab approach to develop technical and social solutions to questions of a digitalised world of work, digital living, digital help and support services in various areas of everyday life, care and a digital social life. This mixed situation offers great potential for research. In the project construction of the mGeSCo project, the diverse stakeholders and actors of the Lobeda district come together to form a hybrid of organisation, network and society that is permeated by digital technologies and thus offer the perfect research environment for this work. All these stakeholders have come together to form a networked, adaptive system in order to use information and communication technologies in a living lab to create various approaches for a digitalised living environment for the stakeholders of the smart neighbourhood. In other words, a (social) digital ecosystem has formed in and around this neighbourhood. The proposed work attempts to observe patterns of interpretation of digitalisation and digitality within this emerging system and to document their change and institutionalisation into social digital ecosystems. Through these observations, it becomes possible to make visible and understand the cosmos of social rules behind digitalisation and thus to elicit the conditions for success of an active containment of this megatrend in society.


digitalisation; digital-transformation; institutionalization; ecosystems






Projekt „Multigeneration-Smart-Community“, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

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